Lyn Jardine Consulting

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A safe, comfortable and fully functional home is essential to the well-being of every individual.  Unfortunately not everyone has that opportunity and service providers, both public and private sector, sometimes need assistance in order to try to provide this crucial aspect of life.


Where we live is not just about bricks and mortar and there is a growing demand for sustainability of community projects and services.  Sustainability is not just about green issues, but about encouraging and enabling people to live independently as part of a sustainable community for as long as possible.  At the heart of thriving communities lies respect and equality of opportunity.


Lyn Jardine Consulting has been established to provide support to the many services who want to make more of a difference to individuals and the communities they work for.  Housing does not sit in isolation and nor should housing providers.  Increasingly, housing, health and social care are working closer together to promote independent living and enable people to live vital lives within their communities.  


Effective use of ever diminishing public sector resources requires innovative ways of working.  Lyn Jardine Consulting offers highly effective solution focused approaches to multi-agency working as well as partnership approaches.  A 'can do' approach that incorporates managing risk and establishing best value are critical to effective partnership approaches.


Lyn Jardine Consulting has the range of experience and skills necessary to be able to make connections and improvements to existing systems and working practices to foster better working relations.  All of this works towards ultimately improving the lives and outcomes of individuals and communities.